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and wrong for the niners. >> and power went out. what authorities are saying about the electrical error that seemed to shift the momentum for the 49ers. >> and rainy days are ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser fills us in the possi >> and the ravens have won it! 34-31. >> but the niners did fight back, but the 22-point comeback proved to be too large. they lost by three points. they certainly played well. i'm ama daetz. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. we're live above mission district. the city is quite tame after this loss. police have been called to a few distinction but at this point no significant problems. >> ama: 49er fans were brace to go celebrated after an amazing come back in the third quarter. sky7hd caught two incidents of fireworks being set off in the mission district. >> dan: there were a number of arrests but no reports of major problems. tomas ramon is in north beach live where big crowds packed bars. they left with a different mood than they had hoped to leave with. >> they left a lot more somber than when they arrived. it's pretty quiet. police that were stationed are sent to
with the niners came back to life with 17 points over a four minute stretch in the third quarter including kapernick with the symbol record aug. run by quarterback for a touchdown, 15 yds. bring the scored 28 to 23 ravens. after then baltimore to get 31 to 23 lead and the niners scored a touchdown to cut its a 31 to 29 with a failed two-point conversion. baltimore then added the late field goal in the final seconds of the international safety to make the final margin of 3431 ravens. >> they battled back to get and that and then battled right on the brink of winning it. >> there is no greater competitor, at no greater coach of the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned as jim harbaugh. the way that team played proves it. that's how he is, that's how they are and i could not be more proud of him and what he is the mayor. >> what would be known as the harbaugh babowl could not be known as the black out bowl. >> will tran is live in new orleans and it was good to see the fans especially after our loss. >> 35 unforgettable minutes and we were there. it happened at arou
as the morning progresses we are seeing more and more people coming out in their niners red and gold. some people running into the ferry building for last minute supplies for their super bowl parties. we have footage from the march raina district yesterday where people were buying up everything that they could with 49ers low goes on it. 49er characters at suzie's cakes were in excess of $100. one 49er fan from the central valley told me this morning he's already stocked up to watch the game as home with his family and he's keeping his eye on one player in particular. >> colin kaepernick. i'm from modesto and we just want to see a local hero finish the deal and get the sixth superbowl that the niners certainly deserve. >> any predictions? >> i think the 49ers will win. it will be a close game, probably under seven points but i'm going with the 49ers. >> aren't we all? the hope is that the 49ers will dominate the ravens. to prepare for the hopeful revelry, there will be twice as many san francisco officers out today compared with the typical sunday. muni is also taking precautions, choosing to run
/2 hours a way. and it will be a historymaker when the niners and baltimore ravens take the field at the superdome in new orleans in front of nearly 80,000 fans. there is no doubt that the niners are geared up and ready for a tough battle. we're joined now from the big ease with an exclusive look at the team's final preparations and whether or not anybody got any sleep last night. >> reporter: yeah, i can't speak for anyone else. i got about seven hours, i'm feeling well rested. you heard about the roar of the crowd in about 8 1/2 hours. right now we just have the roar of a leaf blower here on the banks of the mississippi. the 49ers have had a good week of practice, jim harbaugh getting through most of the workouts ahead of schedule. they've actually been shorter practices than allotted for. they went through their final workout yesterday in the superdome. only one reporter was there to see it. that's right, the only pool reporter allowed to get in was our very own mat maicco. matt, what did you see? >> reporter: on saturday, the 49ers had their final preparation, a walk-through a
. special. >> go niners! >> go niners! >> 49er fans have raved in mass numbers and all have a tale to tell how they got here. this family is from sacramento. michael went long before the championship game was over and his family's fate was sealed. >> i bought the ticketss', and we tried to get flights so we drove. >> we decorated or or -- car so we were getting honks. >> joe is a season ticketholder and maybe the most generous niner fan. >> was picked in the lottery, and i have two tickets so i gave my two tickets to my son and daughter, and i bought mine. >> his cost $1,400. you don't have to be from san francisco or california to be a 49er fan. meet kurtis potter from mississippi. >> we got to support our home boy. >> a t-shirt is one think but carlos has taken his ger to a whole new level. >> my license plate, i had for years and years, my last name is lima, so i'm a 49er lima. >> who what he isn't is a ticketholder but that is okay when you're a 49er faithful. >> this faithful, terry white, won the twitter contest to get the season. he has had season tickets for four decades. he has be
to come at 6:00, how to get your hands on the super bowl gear if the niners win. >> plus, what the employs -- police chief is going going to dive the niners lose. >> leigh: get ready for big weather changes this upcoming week. >> ama: we have breaking news from sky 7hd over the mission district. this is 24th and harrison. some fireworks were being set off because there would be a low rider gathering after the game. and you can see a fire burning. police are moving in, trying to get this quieted down. we're going to keep our eyes on this and let you know if anything changes in the situation. a fire going, which is what police and the fire department did not want to happen on this super bowl day, and the niners are playing again. action has resumed. >> dan: lights are back on in the super dome, and everyone is hoping that things will be peaceful. niner fans waited for three hours to get the prime viewing positions this morning. >> i just want a good seat. watching the flat screen. >> dan: there were 750 people on line when the doors opened at 11:00. the crowd reached capacity of a thousand b
with the niners and the ravens. if anyone should know them better than the france is him, right? >> you play a the ravens this year and the niners last year. what is your prediction? >> i think they are both super teams. they both have a lot of the motion. i think the niners will pull it off. i am going with the niners. >> are you surprised with caprine ikaepernick? >> their defense is solid! >> the niners are favored to win and they have never lost a super bowl. the niners will still be perfect. >> there are nfl network executives here. we are getting ready to get started. it is supposed to start at 6:30 a.m.. >> the management of being the parents of these two brothers. o do you root for. at the end of the day of one of them will be hurting. at least, that is a is for the first time they are both making history. this is truly a family affair. >> the ravens and the niners yesterday's shared a practice field. the practice field was for the 49ers. this was an indoor facility. ravens were supposed to use a different facility but there was construction going on so they both had to play on the s
of it and an exclus i look at the niners last practice today. lucky you. >> although with the ticket prices, maybe i will sell my front row seats tomorrow. the 49ers had their final walk through earlier tonight and only 1 reporter was allowed in to see it and guess who? matt. he was the reporter who was chosen by the football writers association of america. he was allowed inside the super dome to witness the final walk through. what did you see? >> the lights will never shine more brightly on the 49ers than they will sunday. >> what caught jim harbaugh's eyes are that the lights in the super dome seem brighter than they did in the regular season. they had an 18 minute walk through. the players signed autographs and posed for pictures. kaepernick posed for a lot of pictures with non-family members. through this, jim harbaugh says that kaepernick remains the same player, completely unwaivered. >> nice work with the final look at the 49ers before. coming up later. now we will send it back to you live. >> all right. thanks very much. >> super bowl is boosting business for companies all around the bay ar
niners owner eddie de bartolo, former oakland wide receiver tim brown and former niners player charles haley will have to wait another year. kron 4's will tran attended the news conference in new orleans and tells us how the decision was made. >> the announcement was made in this rumor. they started off with 15 names and then attended names. e former. eddie de bartolo and tim brown did not even make the cut but charles haley move on to the next final round. and he did not make the final cut. we will have to wait another year. there were other players that made the connection and will be able to were the iconic jackets. warren sapp and larry allen who played college at the sonoma state that played most of his career with the dallas cowboys. finished his career with the san francisco 49ers. that is the latest from new orleans, will tran, kron 4. >> warren sapp and larry allen are not the only new names to be enshrined in the pro football hall of fame today. the list also includes bill parcells. cris carter. and jonathan ogden. also senior selections in fiske robinson. >> chris culliver
. the baltimore ravens defeated the niners by three points. >> kron4's sports director gary radnich joins me in the studio. >> the second-best team in the world. and if the lights not have gone out who knows? >> lissettcertainly, that changd the momentum. >> 28-6 but it 28-6. >> there is going to be a lot of monday morning quarterbacking of vermont is will do it tonight. super bowl 47 49ers ravens jim and john harbaugh meet for a pregame handshake 2nd quarter, 1:55 left, 14-3 baltimore joe flacco - heaves it down the field and jacoby jones catches it while falling down on his back - he gets up untouched and races in for the 56 yard touchdown - chris culliver beaten in coverage 21-3 bal flacco: 22/33, 287 yards, 3 td's ravens lead 21-6 at halftime second half kickoff- another huge play for jones who takes it 8 yards deep in the end zone and brings it out - and takes it straight up field - he's off to the races nfl record tying 108 yards for the touchdown! 28-6 bal then - the light's went out at the super dome! happened with 13:22 left in the 3rd with the ravens leading 28-6 the delay lasted 3
. >> niners quarteback colin kaepernick in a somber mood answering questions after the ravens defeated the 49ers in super bowl 47. 34 to 31 in last night's gridiron battle. >> good morning everyone, i'm james fletcher. >> and i'm anny hong, thanks for joining us this morning. it was a tough game to watch. >> it was a nail biter all the way to the end. >>all things niners"" this morning. as we head down to the super dome. ravens started off the first half of the game with three touchdown passes from quarterback joe flacco to open the game with a 21 to six lead over the niners. a second half power outage in the superdome lasted for 35 minutes. the niners trailing 28 to six when the power went out. but the niners came back to life with 17 points over a four minute stretch in the third quarter. bringing the score to 28- 23 ravens. after then baltimore took a 31 to 23 lead. the niners scored a touchdown to cut it to 31-29. with a failed two-point-conversion. baltimore then added a late field goal and then in the final seconds took an intentional safety to make the final margin 34 31, ravens. niner
of potential celebrations, city leaders just want everyone to do it responsibly. >> niner fans, too. we don't want to arrest anybody. we want everybody to have a blast, celebrate the six. you know, just show the country that nobody has got it better than us. >> we do in new york. >> also to help people all 49'ers fans safe, they are holding dui check points across the area today. not just in the city. triple a said alcohol-related car crashes increase, get this, 57% in california on super^bowl sunday alone. as you have seen on commercial breaks on. average bc7 news we have a public service announce went with the mayor, police chief and fire chief just urging everyone to celebrate responsibly. no one wants a party to end. we just want it to be a nice, safe, fun time. we want everyone to be out and healthy for a potential parade, don't we? reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> and kira, chief suhr said that he will be out there after halftime with fire chief joanne hayes-white just to make sure everything is going well. >> yeah because as they said, they are 49er fans t
though, niner fans are reflecting on this super season that put the team in their sixth super bowl. we have live team coverage for you tonight from new orleans to hear in the bay area. beginning with mark ibanez. your thought on the outcome of today's game? >> it was a first that 49er fans hoped they would never ever have to experience. but it's true, in heartbreaking fashion they do sustain their first loss ever in a super bowl. and it was right down to the final second of course niner fans are familiar with the come back. they just aren't familiar with this kind of an ending. let's look at the controversial play that in the end decided it. the 49ers had valiantly driven down inside the 10-yard line against the ravens. and it was a faithful fourth down and goal play. a pass from crabtree to -- from the quarterback kaepernick to crabtree. and the 49ers thinking that it was pass interference that crabtree had been held but it did not go that way. there was no play. fourth down, over and the niners have to turn the ball back to the ravens. let's have a listen to what kaepernick said afte
outage in the superdome last for 35 minutes. the niners trailing 28 to six when the power went out but the niners came back to life with 17 points over a four minute stretch in the third quarter including the burning with is a verbal record longest run by quarterback for a touchdown 15 yds. that brought the scored 22823 ravens. what about the morgue then took a 31 to 23 lead and the niners scored a touchdown to cut its the 3129 with a failed two-point conversion. baltimore then added a late field goal in the finals against again and an intentional safety to make the final margin 3431 ravens. we will hear more from the coaches and players throughout the morning. >> are felt our guys battle and competed. we got a spark and we will look back after that. i thought they did that. they battled back to get annette. they battled right on the brink of winning it. >> there is no greater competitor, at no greater coached in the national football league or the world as far as i'm concerned then jim harbaugh. the way the team played proves it. that is who he is and that is who they are and i co
are leaving. people are trying to forget about the loss of the forty-niners and thinking ahead towards next year. as you can see, the sidewalks are pretty empty. people are just kind of moping around it is not very exciting. with the game, and how people are at least be heaving appropriately. we will keep an eye on things in the marina. but what a bummer. >> pam: could you speak with one of the fans of how they're feeling? >> shore. >> chimera, we are live on kron 4. >> come here -- >> how are you feeling? >> we knew that they could do it, colin kaepernick was our guide but it has going good but we are sad. >> what do think they could have done to turn it around. >> not a lot it was very close to was going to be decided by a lot of what ever is. >> to you need a hug. that is what we're doing out of the marina we are just consoling the 49ers fans. fifth >> pam: that is pretty good, adjustinjustin waldman. >> yes. we just saw that from the forty-niners owner. i do not know if we can show you. is says thank-you to all the forty-niners and the 49ers faithful for an amazing season. even though i
channel 2 news. >>> well, the niner are not the only ones propelling for tomorrow's gig game. so the are the fans. ktvu sports director mark ibaÑez is also live in new orleans, where he talked to the 49er faithful in the business easy, who offered words of ebb customer to their favorite team. mark. >> reporter: thank you, ken. we're outside of the super bowl, where i can tell you security has definitely raised to a new limit. and they are ready to go and you know, not all the fans of the 49ers have hit the sack early, as ken said, too. there is a lot of people still on bourbon street. we just came from there and we talked to some of them and you know, we're kind of thinking about what do you say at this point? the players have gone through drills all week, the practice. they are sequestered in their hotel room and can you imagine how the harbaugh brothers are sleeping tonight? probably not at you will. what would you say to these gees, the players right before the game is in the coaches have done everything that they can to prepare their guys for the game and we went out on bour
of the current stars, some former stars, some niners stars of the past, we are outside louis armstrong park in new orleans at the honors show. here's some of who we talked to, some legends of the game and some current guys. what a night in new orleans. the theater bringing together a-list celebrities and football legends all with thoughts on what to look for tomorrow in the super bowl. >> i'm hoping for a no-holds barred. i want to see a physical football game. i want to see a game that is real competitive. i feel like the niners will win this 24-17. >> quarterback to quarterback what makes kaepernick such a differencemaker, so explosive? >> i think his legs. his ability to extend plays. his confidence. he's a cool, calm, collected guy. thrives under pressure. this is just another game. as the outside world tries to build it up as something that's larger than life, but it's still 11 on 11. he had two weeks to prepare, i know he will be ready to play. they'll be more worried about him than he is about their defense, because he does so many different things running and throwing the football.
the media. >> ama: niner fans were in line outside pete's tavern in zap san francisco at 8:00 this morning. >> dan: they were ready. there were 750 people waiting for the doors to open at 11:00 a.m. and the crowd reached capacity of a thousand by noon. >> great. we got a good, loyal base of fans that have filled this play up for the whole playoff run, the whole year, and we wouldn't expect anything less. >> ama: san francisco ploiption have asked all the bars on king street to close up right after the super bowl finishes. many bar owners say they'll comply with the request to prevent violence. >> dan: win or lose today, san francisco police say they're ready for any problems that develop after the super bowl. we're right with them tonight. john alston is live in the city with a look at the postgame game plan from police. >> police cars lined up right now outside the command next ready to hit the streets. inside officers are watching the game before the serious work starts for them. more than 100 extra officers will be on the job tonight, trying to prevent the fires and vandalism that occur
'm marty gonzalez. super bowl weekend is here and niners fans are ready to >> we will still see 50s across the board. with just a little bit cooler than yesterday evening. one- quarter of 1 mi. of the visibility, through novado, and oakland, hayward, 7 mi. of the visibility. 4 mi. of the visibility in half moon bay. that fog could be a bit slower to clear. putting this into motion, will put this and seeing that the fog to the bay shore, and pushing into the inland valleys but it will return for the evening. taking a look at the temperatures. a bit of a warmer start. that blanket of insulation with those clouds. 40's along the north bay, the peninsula, and the south bay. were those temperatures are headed with your forecast and even those temperatures for your super bowl. >> just one day away from super bowl 47. the san francisco baltimore ravens. and kron four has complete coverage for you this morning. let's go live now to kron four's will tran. he's in new orleans. the good morning, marty. there are so many people that are aching for the game to start you can see this is the french marke
leaders are calling on 49er fans to do the right thing. it's been 18 years since the niners won the super bowl. they are asking fans to just celebrate responsibly and for people who don't, they could be like those 14 people who are currently facing prosecution after the chaos that ensued after the giants world series win. those people were caught vanned liesing property through social media and san francisco authorities say they will keep on social meditation it's an easy thing do, and they will catch anyone who destroys any part of the city in celebrations tomorrow. reporting live in the mission district, kira klapper. abc7 news. >> the mayor's motto is celebration with moderation, kira. >> we can all live by that. thankthank. >>> now to colin kaepernick. it turns out he has close ties to a camp for children with heart disease. it's near his hometown. our reporter explains kaepernick's collection to camp taylor. >> after his win against the miami dolphins last month, quarter neck collin kaepernick got a new friendship bracelet made by the children at camp taylor. what they don't know is
back in 1981 when the niners won the super bowl when everyone was out in the streets and no one was drunk, no one was violent, no one got killed. he said remember those days? no one got arrested. let's try for that again today. and i couldn't agree more. not to end on a sour note but more of a positive note. hopefully we have some safe celebrations this evening. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> zero tolerance for bad behavior. thank you, career are you. >>> outside the superdome the streets have been packed niners fans. as they told abc7 news reporter katie marzullo, it was expensive but well worth it to join the super bowl party in new orleans. >> in new orleans it's always a party but something feels different now, special. >> go niners! >> yeah, niners! >> go niners! >> 49er fans have arrived in mass numbers and they all have a tale to tell of how they got here. devaneys are from sacramento. michael went on line before the game was over and his family's fate was sealed. >> i knew about a minute, minute and a half they were going so i bought the tic
the ravens and niners kick off in new orleans. >> they prepare for rowdy crowds. and those who ride public transit will be impacted by the big game. >>> the messy accident overnight that left a dozen homes in the dark. why the power won't be back on for much of the day. >>> good morning, welcome to "mornings on 2". it is super bowl sunday. february 3rd, i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> kickoff in eight and a half hours. we will have a first check with rosemary. rosemary orozco rosemary how is it today? >> wide sprez 40s and making an early morning drive to the grocery store. this is what you can expect. cloudy at the coast. partly cloudy elsewhere and we do still have the hazardous waves at the beaches until 10:00 a.m. we will talk about this and what you can expect for your sunday. and i have rain back in the forecast. >>> back to you. >>> it is super bowl sunday. anticipation is brimming from the bay area to the bayou, and we will be outside the superdome where they will set the scene for us. the 49ers are at the team hotel. and in two to three hours, they will take a bus to t
about the game? >> niners all the way. all the way. >> niners all the way. >> everybody. everybody. >>> oh boy you can sense the energy rising on bourbon street tonight as super bowl fever hits new orleans with full force. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it won't be long now the big game is less than two days away and now all of a sudden new orleans is crowded with niners are hoping to win. >> reporter: it is midnight here in new orleans, we are on the balcony of the voodoo vibe. check out the scene, the crowds of people who are here for super bowl weekend. the big easy has now become the big squeeze requester squeezey. check out the size of the crowd. about half a block down you might be able to make out some new orleans police officers on horse back. tens of thousands of people are jammed here in the french quarter. >> reporter: new orleans and the super bowl, two names names synonymous with partying. >> my middle name is joe after joe montana. >> really. your parents did that. >> my mom is a die-hard niners fan. >> reporter: michael anaconi
are the niner fans like down there? i assume much cooler. >> what do you mean, much cooler than san francisco 49er fans in san francisco? they're pretty cool here. it's a hip place. for instance, when you guys let me go tonight, it will be about 1:30 in the morning and i'm going to walk two blocks to cafe du monde, i'm going to have a beignet, i might have something else to drink, and something to eat, you can eat until 5:00 in the morning. >> i meant cooler than baltimore fans. i don't want to offend san francisco fans here. you can't leave for the beignet just yet. >> it's not too late to get a ticket to the super bowl. the last time we checked on stub hub there were about 950 tickets left, ranging from $1,000 for a seat in the nosebleed section, yes, $1,000, to $10,000 for a seat in a suite. >>> super bowl celebration is are helping day water businesses boost their bottom line. grocery stores, bars, restaurants reporting higher than usual sales this weekend. one store says sales are up more than 30% over last year at the same time. some restaurants are so busy they've had to turn down caterin
>>> how you feeling about the game? >> niners all the way. all the way. >> niners all the way. >> everybody. everybody. >>> oh boy you can sense the energy rising on bourbon street tonight as super bowl fever hits new orleans with full force. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it won't be long now the big game is less than two days away and now all of a sudden new orleans is crowded with niners are hoping to win. >> reporter: it is midnight here in new orleans, we are on the balcony of the voodoo vibe. check out the scene, the crowds of people who are here for super bowl weekend. the big easy has now become the big squeeze requester squeezey. check out the size of the crowd. about half a block down you might be able to make out some new orleans police officers on horse back. tens of thousands of people are jammed here in the french quarter. >> reporter: new orleans and the super bowl, two names names synonymous with partying. >> my middle name is joe after joe montana. >> really. your parents did that. >> my mom is a die-hard niners fan. >>
until next year. the ravens went up on the niners 28-6 after jones took the second half kickoff. he goes up the mill, all the way for 108 yards tying an all-time nfl record before a 34-minute power outage and then the niners came back with three touchdowns going with kaepernick pass to crabtree and in the final minutes...the niners had three chances to score to take the heed but kaepernick could not connect and the ravens hang on to win 34-31. >> feel like i made too many mistakes for us to win. >> several opportunities and we did not play our best and the ravens made a lot of plays and our guys battled back. >> this was the sixth trip to the super bowl and the first one they have last. >> this morning, niner fans are licking their wounds after the furious come back stopped short of bringing the team victory six and reflecting on turning points like the power outage. katie marzullo is live in new orleans with fan reaction. katie? >> good morning, everyone, i hope you don't mind i sat down. i don't mean i am tired, everyone is tired, but the city, new orleans, feels like it got the wind k
of the -- heels of the crisis comes another p.r. nightmare for the york and niners. usa today report that go 2 players brooks and isaac didn't realize the it gets better video involved lgbt issues. they were quoted as saying they thought they were making a video about the prevention of bullying for kid. so another fire for jed i don't think to put in and out new orleans. another news. beyonce will perform at half time of super bowl 47. in town today and held a news conference. >> and the home ♪ of the of brave. about ♪ the brave. [applause]. >>reporter: that's how she started the news conference. beyonce came upped criticism when she lip synced the national anthem during the presidential inauguration. today she explained the reasons for deciding to use a recording that day. >> live television show in very, very important emotional show for me. one of my prou proudest moments and due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. it was about the president and inauguration. i will absolutely be singing liv live. i'm well
to the foomd and stadium. streets are packed with niner fans as they told katie marzullo it was expensive but well worth it to join the super party in new orleans. >> in new orleans it's always a party but something feels different now. >> go niners! >> 49er fans have arrived and they all have a tale to tell us. they are from sacramento. michael went online and his fate was sealed. >> i knew they were going. i bought the tickets. we'll get arrangements. we tried to get flights and we couldn't so we drove here. >> we were driving here, it was a lot of fun. >> joe is here from san francisco. he a season ticket holder and world's most generous niner fan. >> i gave two tickets to my son and daughter and i bought mine. >> his cost $1400. toss the 50-yard line. you don't have to be from san francisco or california to be a 49er fan. meet curtis from mississippi. >> we have to support them. >> a t-shirt is one thing but carlos is taken his gear to a new level. >> i have for years and years. my last year is lima. 49er lima is what i am. >> what he isn't is a ticket holder. that is good when you ar
. what they don't want is for to you celebrate a potential niners win in jail. >> we want people to be aware of the risks and it is very easy to make a phone call for a taxicab or to talk to a friend or a family member. to be the one responsible for driving home. >> dui checkpoints are expected to start going up between 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. and police say you can expect extra patrols on the streets and highways. live in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. it is no secret chicken wings are a sports party must have. even president obama had his bings in the west wing today. the busiest day of the year for finger food establishments. wing stop pittsburgh estimates they'll go through 30 boxes of fresh chicken. that's about 1,200 pounds. they stopped taking online orders earlier this week and were completely sold out for pregame pick-ups between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. >> we about triple our business on a day like today. all the 49er championship games have been extraordinarily busy for us and this will be another one. probably even busier. >> it was some concern ther
. that is because the "today" show is in san francisco showing the nation what niners pride is all about. christina loren is out there as well this morning dressed appropriately in her niners red. >> and pom-poms. nice work. >> good morning, christina. >> good morning, jon and laura. we're bringing you a tv show within the "today" show. look at what's happening right now. al roker, i'm a huge fan. haven't had a chance to say hello just yet. he's back there. you can see a crowd of 49ers faithful out there and you know what's really interesting is they are going to reair this broadcast because they're on east coast time so you can catch this action that's happening right now starting at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. we have a lot of fun to get through as we head through the next 2 1/2 hours. stick around. it's going to be a good time. current temperatures this morning chilly out here. we're in the 30s and 40s. you'll want to grab that coat. what i can tell you is we're headed toward a bay area stunner. 30s and 40s for now. headed toward the upper 60s and 70s even in some of your metropolitan citie
eastbound 24 before 51st a stall in the last lane. kristen and eric? >> we will be back. the niners and the fans have to wait until next year for another attempt at the lombardi trophy. the ravens went up on the nineers 28-6 after jones took the first play of the second half in the kickoff all the way at 108 yards for a touchdown tying an all-time nfl record. what happened next, a 34 manufacture -- 34 minute power outage. in the final minutes the niners had three chances to score and take the lead but kaepernick could not connect on the final try and the ravens win 34-31. >> i made too many mistakes for us to win. >> we had several opportunities and we did not play our best. the ravens made a lot of plays our guys battled back. >> this was the niners first ever super bowl loss in their six trips to the big game. >> super bowl live team coverage continues with katie marzullo live in new orleans. >> good morning, katie. >> afternoon, kristen and eric. we took a walk over here to jackson square, grabbed a newspaper along the way, here is the headlines "electrifying, baltimore survivors
they wanted to be out here to show the niners that they share their pain and are with them win or lose. they waited more than three hours for their beloved 49ers to arrive. >> here to support the 49ers. they did an awesome job. in our eyes they're still winners. >> and there they were taxiing to the waiting team buses and the wait iing fans made sure to let the players know they still have their back. >> show my support for the team. when they're down-and-out, they need fan support, right? >> the buses made their way to highway 101 where more adoring fans waited to give their heroes' welcome. >> niners. >> go niners! >> i'm here today just to let my niners know i'm here for life, baby. i'm a die hard. i'm a faithful. i'll always be here for you guys. to the end, baby. >> oh, sure. for life. that really hurts bad. imagine being a player. how bad that hurts. we're really sad. >> reporter: this is their parade this year, and cheering them on were a couple dozen children. one parent said it was important to pull her kids from class for this lesson, a lesson on how to handle defeat. >> you
remember in this newscast. the bay area man just learned he won niners tickets and is going to new orleans. then arkt 4:50 we'll take you back to the big easy. then wayne freedman takes us on a river road ride. >> turn to abc 7 news after the super bowl. we'll be live on the air with up to the minute looks at how the niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. >> closing in authorities are merchandise calling efforts operation red zone. in just a week, $330,000 worth of counterfeit goods were seized in the bay area. nationwide, 13 million has been seized since this crack down began. it's part of a joint effort involving homeland security. we'll have a live report coming up at 6:00. >> moving on, backwards that is how a report today described the progress police are making with a series of mandatedléh3g reforms.nn >> latest findings show police still have not met 11 of 51 reforms in 2003 original schedule called for reforms to be imthe plemed five years ago. one, officers pointed guns at a sleeping 19-month-old child, also failing police for failing to report and investigate miscond
appearance. and jed talking about the third niner victory in 1989 at just eight years old. >> we got out of the suite quickly and went down stairs. my grandfather three-piece suit. dressed to the nines. they didn't know the building that well. =? the cheer leaders room. >> we went into our room and celebrated. it's a fun experience. >> imagine, grandpa, where are we. we'll have more can w.yesterday coming up. he had a famous baby-sitter as he remembered his first moment collin rush will be along with that later on in sports. >> thank you very much. >> back to that story of the phony merchandise, federal agents seized a record amount of counterfeit merchandise in weeks it's part of what they're calling operation red zone. hundreds of thousands of gear has been rounded up. we're live along market street with where some of that gear is being sold allen? >> i was told to take a stroll down market street if i wanted" to find someone selling fake nfl merchandise. it wasn't hard to find them. this makes it irritating for the nfl which has been protective of properties. >> with this commercial
and goal, the niners had a chance to win. it was the final game in the storied 17-year career of ray lewis. >> baltimore, we're coming home, baby! we did it! >> reporter: in baltimore, fans erupted. for many, the super bowl is much more than just a game. >> there are two sides to godaddy. >> reporter: some tune in to see the commercials. before the opening kickoff, children from newtown, connecticut, scene of the sandy hook massacre joined jennifer hudson singing america the beautiful. at the half, beyonce was on fire. the game was seen by millions. u.s. troops in kandahar, afghanistan, took time to watch. and rob and diana, it's going to be awhile before people forget the power outage in the super dome. not caused by beyonce or the hair dryers for destiny's child. officials say it was an abnormality in the power system. >> you sure not the hair dryer? you sure about that? we've confirmed that? >> reporter: that's what i heard. i don't know. >> that's not going to dry itself. >> tahman bradley in washington, thank you for that. keep it right here. the "gma" super bowl party continues this
to be in their ranks. everyone having fun and so excited that the niners are in the superbowl. as you know many are calling this the bar bowl because the brothers held a news conference with everyone wants to know about the rivalry, if they helped each other. how they will feel after the game. one of the more interesting things that came out of it, the brothers talking about their mom jackie who is more competitive than any of them. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac. she is just always believed in us. that is the most important thing to me. she believed in me and john and took us to games and played catch with us and shot baskets with us. >> no one would fight more than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to be there for one another. if there was scrape in the neighborhood, she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. the other thing is very smart, highly intelligent thoughtful lady. we grew up with those kinds of conversations. we might have been talking football with dad in the basemen
they have the 49er flag waving here. they are waiting for all the niner fans to show up. just a bit ago we checked back in with the guys that worked in the most important part of the market when you talk about the parties and that would be the meat counter. we talked to the butchers. they were getting all the meats prepared, cutting up the steaks, getting the pork ready, chicken wings prepared. they are expecting a big jump in sales, maybe 20 to 30% jump in sales today compared to their average day and the folks in the butcher shop said they are expecting just today they will probably sell about 1500 pounds of meat. >> how does the meat counter look saturday before the super bowl? >> it'll be full before. it'll be in shambles after. >> a challenge. up and running. >> reporter: people just pick it over clean. just everything goes. >> absolutely. lot of hungry niner fans. >> reporter: and across the country super bow parties are big business. americans planning to spend about $50 million for their super bowl parties. again here they are just opening up the doors, they opened them now at
of the studio -- stadium. it was a sea of red leaving the superdome, these forty-niner fans thought that they had it in the bag with that power outage changing the momentum of the game and there was evidence of that with the ravens having a hard time scoring. but right after beyonce performed, we decided we would make our way down to the media center from the first concourse. as we made our way down we heard a large boom and the power went out on the stadium. you guys saw it on television and it was an eerie situation for a while. we made our way down into the media center and there was a lot of chaotic activity going on. a lot of security officers going from person to person, figuring out what was going on. in the end it was a good situation. i know we have some sound right now from joe flacko about winning the game. he is live. >> 15 touchdowns, zero interceptions? >> i do not know, man. there were a lot of picks in general. we played 20 games this year and i threw 10 of them. it just happened that way. the team came together and we got healthy. >> [inaudible] >> awesome, man. he
merchandise in just one week. officials say it's a bigger problem. niners head into the super bowl and its everywhere. >> yesterday a guy piled stuff on the table and started to sell it. so... later on that day we took his stuff. it's aggressive and out there. it's every day. >> operation red zone is a joint effort. >> local law enforcement will increase staffing just in case fans get out of hand. police were able to handle whatever came up but this sunday could be different. alcohol and a niners win could cause some trouble well. hope not, though. >> nasage if you're going celebrate do it in a way that doesn't require to you drive. plan ahead, get a cab. stay the night. celebrate at home. but don't drink and drive. >> celebrations after the giants within were violent and destructive, unfortunately. law enforcement is hoping for a happy but calm calm sell operation. >> there are a lot of great behind the scenes updates. we're retweeting the best of them, live reports continue here on abc 7 and this is going to be a great game. afterwards turn to abc 7 news after the super bowl. our teams w
. niners -- >> and the weather has been fantastic. a lot of sunshine. >> do you though who is behind me? >> yes, each and every year he makes his way to the weather map. look at that, concern on his face. i think all the extreme weather across the united states the past couple of months has him worried and who knows, maybe the early spring across the bay area could be a sign of what is to come. look at this, 75 in gilroy, that was the warmest. and morgan hill 70, and palo alto 71. if you want more of the weather to condition. here is how it continues. the groundhog does not see his shadow tomorrow, that means an early spring. according to the groundhog, i don't know, i don't think he has made up his mind yet. he is going spring, winter? spring, winter? >> we will go to the sky camera network on this friday. you see a lot of haze down the silicon valley. we have increased air quality that will continue to go down here and an incredible sunset. this is one of the best of the weeks. san mateo bridge right now, drivers no doubt had the sunglasses on at fi5:18 tonight. it's still, we have cl
niner is here playings his banjo on bush burbon street. >> reporter: there are many of fans. her devotion has been handed down from her mother. >> my middle name is jo after joe montana. my mom is a diehard niner's fan. >> you can find it all. kroetures lurking on the sidewalk, drinking and some being carted off to jail. michael spent his day trying to get the autograph of jerry rice. >> after his interview i got his autograph and it was perfect, man. i saw him may and just to see him, he can still play man, he got it. >> reporter: many fans say they have tickets. face value is $800 and some are spending more than that. >> $5,000 a piece. >> you paid $5,000 for a ticket? >> yes. >> sitting on the 30 yard line, it is $5,000 a pop and we don't give a -- [beep] >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture of the downtown mariot in new orleans that is where the 49ers players are staying tonight. and then as we come across you can see the stage. it just wrapped up a musical act here. a lot of energy in the air. >>> a lot of things happening in this town. in the french quarter and
-finished with the niners, came out of sonoma state, now liveness blackhawk. larry allen is a hall of famer, first ballot, as is warren zap. will be enshrined. she said his feet haven't touched the ground for half an hour. zap was dominant on the defensive line. eddie d was passed over again. niners owner jed york says his uncle deserves to be in the hall. >> there's no question in my mind that he belongs in the hall of fame. you look at the owners in there, he is at the top of the list. i hope people see that and understand that he was the best owner in the history of professional sports. >> larry: in other news, the 49ers announced kris culliver will get sensitivity training after making antigay comments on tvmentz culliver will volunteer at the trevor project in san francisco which provides crisis and suicide intervention for lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender youth. i hope you have been watching all leaning long because wayne freedman has done some tremendous stories. he has been out and about in the french quarter, on bourbon street. tonight he joins us from outside new orleans. he is with his
>>> let's go niners. >> downing down the hours, the players have done the talking. the fans have partied. now all that's left to play the biggest game of the year. >>> no time off for bay-area police. be warned, a dui crack down of new year's eve person. >> i've never been a huge football person. >> not every is all hyped up for football's biggest game. the other things people will be doing. good evening. i'm annette. a super sized friday night. the parties packed the french quarter of the new orleans important eve of super bowl xlvii. let's begin or coverage with dennis o'donnell outside the superdome it seems like like this is the calm before the storm. >>reporter: it is, a quiet day on a saturday. it's my last night here at jackson square. the big story was the pro football hall of fame. the former 49ers owner is not among them. here is who did make the cut, larry allen. he will be joined by chris carter, warren sapp and dave robinson. while all those players, all seven of them will have their moment in canton later this summer, the focus, at least locally, was on the player that didn
play resumes, the niners looked like a new team. fourth quarter, they're down just eight. kaepernick gets the outside and runs 15 yards for the score. two-point conversion no good. once down 22 points, san fran within two. less than two minutes to play, niners down 34-29 with fourth and goal. kaepernick looking for crabtree but incomplete. the ravens' d. holds on and baltimore wins 34-31. ravens are your super bowl xlvii champs and ray lewis wins a second super bowl. we now go live to see and hear joe flacco at the podium. [ inaudible question ] >> you've seen those guys do it. they have the ability to score and score quickly. and that's kind of what they did there. you know, we got it 28-6 and they were able to go the length of the field and put a good drive together. then we kind of, you know, we didn't get anywhere and punted away and next thing you know we turn the ball over. so games can go like that. that's why you've got to take care of the football and get first downs. but we have a team that we're going to overcome it to the best of our ability. it's fitting that we won it l
predicted that he might be playing for the niners, that's in there, but he said he was 5'2" at the time, and he predicted his current height, 6'4". so he's obviously got a good streak until. he can see the future. and we know he sees himself winning this super bowl. pretty amazing for a guy -- >> he needs to go to -- like wall street and start predicting the stock movement or something. >> forget the super bowl, right? he needs to get out of here. >> he's a great kid, though. he really is. i don't know if enough attention has been paid to the job jim harbaugh has done. alex smith ended the year with a 104 quarterback rating, third highest in the nfl. he gets benched because of the potential of what colin kaepernick could be. and what colin kaepernick could be turned out to be pretty special. i mean, when -- to me, the most impressive thing he did during the course of the playoffs was against the green bay packers. he came out, threw a pick six, interception the other way, and he still went on from there to play one of the most impressive games we've ever seen by a quarterback in the pla
are taking a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. we are following on things niners this morning on kron four. weather wise, not too bad let us get your forecast with general. >> good morning, james with 30's and 40's. clear and mild, with 50s. mid-30s throughout santa rosa, napa, vallejo, mid 30's for richmond, oakland, and already 50s in downtown san francisco by noon, all of this screen will see 60s. with your afternoon highs could see some 70's in the portions of beef south bay widespread 50s by 8:00 p.m. 60s through los gatos. 68 degrees in cupertino. slightly cooler but mid-60s in pleasanton. and 67 degrees expected in the union and city. 64 in ocean beach. your kron 4 7 day around the bay slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow but temperatures are going to rebound a sunday and monday with 60s and plenty of sunshine. there is a chance of rainfall by thursday. >> so far, so good, no problems on the westbound 80 towards the bay bridge plaza. similar near the san mateo bridge just a few cars on the '92. and the golden gate also looking decent through marin county. the 101, no p
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